Most Popular sci-fi Feature Films

Appuchi Gramam Appuchi Gramam (2014)
A meteorite is bound towards Tamil Nadu and the experts predict it will cause destruction on a large scale. Meanwhile, t...
Sci-Fi | Drama
Pathayeram Kodi Pathayeram Kodi (2013)
A group of college students invent a chemical potion that turns them invisible. They use their invention to steal Rs 10,...
Comedy | Sci-Fi
Mugamoodi Mugamoodi (2012)
His friends call him Bruce Lee because Anand (Jiiva) has only one interest - kung fu. To impress Shakti (Pooja Hegde), L...
Action | Sci-Fi
Naan Ee Naan Ee (2012)
Nani (Nani) is madly in love with neighbour Bindhu (Samantha), who playfully keeps him guessing about her feelings for h...
Ambuli 3D Ambuli 3D (2012)
Sci-Fiction | Thriller
7 Aum Arivu 7 Aum Arivu (2011)
Endhiran Endhiran (2010)
Dr. Vasi (Rajnikanth) invents a super-powered robot, Chitti, in his own image. The scientific body, AIRD, that must appr...
Sci-Fi | Action
Kanthasamy Kanthasamy (2009)
Sci-Fi | Action

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