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Anegan Anegan (2015)
Madhumitha is convinced that she and her colleague Ashwin were lovers in their past lives and have been brought together...
Thriller | Romance
Thottal Thodarum Thottal Thodarum (2015)
A desperate Madhu switches her photograph with that of a reporter who has to be killed, hoping that her family will get ...
Thriller | Romance
Aambala Aambala (2015)
Saravanan and his two brothers go to their native village to make peace between their estranged dad and three aunts, who...
Action | Romance
I I (2015)
A bodybuilder ends up falling madly in love with a supermodel, but some scheming villains maim him. Is he able to overco...
Thriller | Romance
Vellaikaara Durai Vellaikaara Durai (2014)
The film is a romantic drama laced with mass elements set in a village near Thanjavur. Vikram plays MS Bhaskars son, who...
Romance | Comedy
Kayal Kayal (2014)
Two friends are mistaken to have helped a couple elope and held captive by the girl's family. There, one of them falls i...
Romance | Drama
Kappal Kappal (2014)
There are five friends in school, who decide to never get married. Totally frustrated, one guy escapes to the city with ...
Comedy | Romance
Sutrula Sutrula (2014)
Romance | Action
Vai Raja Vai Vai Raja Vai (2015)
Romance | Thriller
Thirumanam Enum Nikkah Thirumanam Enum Nikkah (2014)
Maan Karate Maan Karate (2014)
Five friends meet a mystic in a forest who grants their wish — a newspaper from the future. They decide to get rich by u...
Nedunchalai Nedunchalai (2014)
Tarpaulin Murugan is a feared name on the highway near Periyakulam, as he steals goods from lorries plying on the route....
Thriller | Romance
Yasagan Yasagan (2014)
Surya is a do-gooder who is liked by everyone around him except his father, who constantly puts him down because he is u...
Cuckoo Cuckoo (2014)
Visually-challenged Tamizh and Suthanthirakodi fall in love with each other, but her self-centred brother wants to marry...
Panivizhum Nilavu Panivizhum Nilavu (2014)

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